• Scott Watkins

Finding Happiness by Loving Others

It feels good to love others.

I’m talking about the love that comes from outside of us. A love you feel when the other person doesn’t deserve it.

I don’t always have that love.

Disappointment, anxiety, frustration, impatience. These feelings come from inside of me. They seem more natural and easier to access. These feelings produce unhappiness.

Even though I prefer love over these other feelings, I find it difficult to will myself to love. This is a conundrum.

But here are two truths that have helped me find greater happiness.

First, we can ask God for love, and he will fill us.

Second, we must accept the love that he gives us. Amazingly, the way God enables us to love is by loving us first. Out of the overflow of his love, we can love others. But we must open ourselves to receive his love for us.

Practicing these two things has helped me love and made me happier.