• Scott Watkins

Blog Update For April 13th

This week has been unexpectedly busy for me, and I unable to write much. But I would like to pass along a couple of articles I recently read and found insightful.

The first, is this article by Jon Bloom. Jon talks about the need for believers to ‘direct their hearts’. This is in contrast to the oft repeated ‘follow your heart’ mantra. Follow your heart, Jon says, “can sound like a sacred quest — as if not following your heart violates your truest self — when all it really means is pursue what you desire.” Biblical wisdom offers the more helpful

phrase, ‘direct your heart’ (Proverbs 23:19).

The second is this article by Scott Hubbard. Scott encourages us in our work on ‘small things’. In the proper time, small things will become big things. But we must understand how God defines big.