• Scott Watkins

A Huge Mistake

I know a guy who is about to make the worst mistake of his life.

He is married with children. He has a church and is involved in ministry. He has extended family living near him who he sees on long weekends and holidays. He has a job that pays all of his bills.

But he met someone who he thinks will meet his emotional needs. Now he is preparing to give up everything else for this one thing.

Everyone around him has warned him that he is making a mistake. That this mistake will hurt him and those he loves more than he can fathom. But he can’t hear the warnings. He is blinded.

Unfortunately, this is not a unique story. I have heard it before. More times than I wish to remember. How does someone get to this point?

It’s complicated for sure. But one thing is common to each of these stories. The belief that another human being can satisfy a longing that we feel.

If we are to protect ourselves from becoming blind like my friend, we need to acknowledge the fact that people are never the ultimate source of our satisfied longings. God alone has the power to satisfy the demands of our souls.

Unquestionably, he often chooses to use our spouses or significant others as the channel through which he brings us contentment. But they are not the source ultimately.

No person, no spouse or significant other can take the place of God.