• Scott Watkins

A Thought About Allegiance

God gives us good things in this life to enjoy. But he also gives us boundaries within which we are to enjoy them.

Our allegiance is decided by whether we live inside or outside those boundaries. If we live within the boundaries God established, our allegiance is to God. When we cross over these boundaries, our allegiance shifts from God to the pleasure itself. This is what God calls idolatry.

How we enjoy a pleasure tells us what our heart loves the most. When we enjoy something within the boundaries God has set, our greatest joy is God, and we enjoy his gifts as an extension of himself. It’s a way of experiencing God.

Enjoying a pleasure outside of the boundary exposes that we love the pleasure more than God. It becomes something greater than God to us. Inevitably, we will either repent and come back inside the boundary, or we will serve a new master.

God commands that we have no other god besides him. Persistent idolatry and being a disciple of Jesus are incompatible. Jesus showed us the way to live. By following the pattern of his life and giving our allegiance to God, we can have a life that is abundant and full.