• Scott Watkins

A Most Valuable Prayer

Imagine a world where a scientific instrument and unit of measure could quantify the quality of one’s life.

In a world like this, what would we measure as the difference between the rich and poor? How large a gap would we observe between the successful and the unsuccessful? I propose that the difference between these groups would be negligible compared to the difference between those who know God and those who do not.

I’m not denying that money and success make life better in some ways. But I have seen that knowing God makes life better in all ways. To put it in the negative, the lack of knowing God makes life worse in all ways.

It’s my lack of knowing God that causes me to care too much what others think about me. It’s also my lack of knowing God that causes me to worry about my life. My lack of discipline, my lack of joy, my blinding pride, my timidity, my narrow vision and just about any other ill I can think of stems from my lack of a deep knowledge of God.

In knowing God, there is a quality of life that we won’t find in things like money and success. The person who wrote Psalm 37 knew something about this. They said, ‘Take delight in the Lord.’ (Psalm 37:4). They saw humans can experience delight through their knowledge of God.

What do I want from God? What do you want from God? I am not suggesting there is anything wrong with asking God to provide for physical needs, or to bless us with success in our work. But I believe that an exceedingly more valuable prayer is to know him more.